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Our fishing guides take pride in their job of helping you catch your dreams. We fish multiple
times per week, and take hundreds of lake trips per year to our local lakes. Fishing is our
passion. Sharing our passion with others is a blessing and privilege that we take seriously. We
pledge to always put our customers first, with your safety and satisfaction being our primary
goals. We are here for you, if you have any questions do not hesitate to give us a call or send us
a message. In the rare event we are unable to answer, please know that we are fishing, and will
return your call as soon as the next fish is in the boat.
Meet your favorite fishing guides:



Joshua is the son of a fishing enthusiast. His father put a fishing pole and a basketball into his hands as a young lad, and we don’t believe he has put either one down since. Originally from the Pacific Northwest he was catching trout and salmon before he could read. During his time in college at the University of Southern Maine, he made time to perfect the art of fishing for Striped Bass. He just couldn’t get enough, fishing from the Kennebeck River in Maine all of the way down to the York River in Virginia. Around 10 years ago he moved full-time to the Phoenix area of Arizona. Delighted to learn about the fishing opportunities in the beautiful Arizona desert he quickly met another member of our team, fishing guide Justin Seay. These two have been regularly fishing the local lakes in the Phoenix area ever since. Josh has a diverse background with variety of fishing techniques and equipment. Having targeting multiple species
across the country in a variety of diverse waters, Josh has earned the skills needed to find the fish and convince them that it is feeding time!
“Book-a-trip” that you won’t forget!

JustinbioJustin speaks two languages fluently. Fishing… and English. He consistently catches fish while the other boats out on the water can’t get a bite. Proud. Arizona born and raised he has over 30 years of experience fishing our local waters. Over the years he has done everything from targeting trophy sized catfish, consistently catching the elusive smallmouth bass, becoming a master crappie fisherman, fishing in local bass tournaments, traveling the country catching bass in various states, all while becoming notorious for catching 10 pound plus Largemouth Bass. This man has caught so many monstrous Largemouth Bass in Arizona that he has been gifted the appropriate nickname of “Double-digit bass.” Quality and size are the reputation Justin has built. A master fisherman who has a gift for teaching, we are pleased to have this ealth of
knowledge as a part of our team. 

Where Justin truly excels is when he is in a position to share his craft with other people. A father of two daughters, spending time with his family and local community is where he shines. Taking kids fishing is one of the most rewarding experiences an angler can have, the memories are sure to last a lifetime. If you want a guide that can not only put you on the fish, but will also teach you how to become an expert angler, look no further.

We have a big net for your big dreams, “join us” and catch the big fish.

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