"Striper Slammin" Striped Bass Fishing and Education Trip


-Spring and Fall - Daytime and evening hours

-Summer - nights only

-Winter - not offered


Lake Pleasant

Lake Pleasant has an abundant population of striped bass aka "striper." These fish can be elusive at times and difficult to catch. Our team has spent a great deal of time practicing the techniques needed to consistently catch these fish. We will take you to our favorite fishing spots while teaching about the behavior patterns of striper throughout the year.  We explain the use of artificial lures, frozen baits, use of live baits, along with when and where to use these. You will enjoy catching striped bass and learn a great deal about fishing to be used towards future trips!

In addition to Mercury Verado 250 horsepower motors, our striper fishing boats are additionally equipped with stealthy electronic trolling motors. These feature digital spotlock anchoring technology, which allows us to easily maintain and maneuver boat positions. These motors eliminate the need to throw a heavy anchor overboard, which often spooks the fish below. Some of our favorite spots to fish are near specific ledges and drop-offs which we know contain structure that harbor fish populations. We use sonor and radar graphing to track and locate the schools of fish, targeting them directly.  During the night hours we set up a system of artificial lights to lure in baitfish and predators from the surrounding structures to beneath the boat, directly to your bait. Striped Bass are the primary fish caught during our overnight trips at Lake Pleasant while White Bass, Largemouth Bass, Flathead Catfish, Channel Catfish, andCarp are additional species commonly caught. These are action packed trips full of laughter and enjoyment. You will appreciate comfortable seating, multiple rod holders, cold beverages, optional XM radio, and all of the equipment needed for an enjoyable trip! While catching these fish our guides will explain the history of this introduced species, their rapid spread, and the ecological impact that they are having on the environment. 

Questions? Don’t hesitate to call or send us a message. Book online or over the
phone, however you feel most comfortable. When booking online we will follow up with a welcome call to discuss your options and details of your trip. This is available in half day or full day trips, with on the water "extend my trip" options.

*Due to overpopulation concerns, there are no limits on size or quantity of keeper striped bass from Lake Pleasant. Many anglers
choose to take these catches home as they make for top notch table fare. You may want to
bring a cooler to keep your catch fresh for the ride home.

What's included:

Rods, reels, tackle, artificial, frozen and/or live baits

Boats and fuel

Water, drinks and ice

XM radio 

Trolling motor with Digital Spotlock feature

Licensed Arizona Fishing Guide with CPR and First aid certification

Not included: AZ fishing license available here

Let’s Catch Some Bass!

Lake Pleasant has a healthy population of Largemouth Bass.  During certain times of the year, water levels fluctuate, making the lake difficult to fish effectively.  Our guides have been fishing this lake for years and know the techniques and equipment needed to put you on the fish. The location of the fish and their feeding habits will change often throughout the year.  We fish these lakes multiple times every week to stay on top of these patterns to maximize your chances of success. To get an idea of the quality of fish we cross paths with be sure to check out our photo gallery.   October 15-May 15 this trip is available for morning, afternoon and full day bookings.

May 15 - October 15 this trip is available for overnight fishing as it is very productive for Largemouth Bass.  Our boats are equipped with Nightfishion ultraviolet and LED lighting systems to stealthily illuminate the shoreline.  This allows for preservation of our night vision while making the lake shore an easy target for your perfect cast. Many large fish have been caught during the night hours, this can be an action-packed trip during the warmer months.


While we love to fish, there are many days we take a break to enjoy the beautiful scenery that Arizona has to offer.  Let us take you on a private cruise with your friends,  family, teammates and coworkers.  Bring a picnic basket full of your favorite goodies and let us show you our favorite places.  Gorgeous rock formations and breathtaking sunsets make the perfect scenery for an enjoyable outing. Our local lakes have a variety of wildlife for viewing and photography.  Bald and Golden eagles patrol the skies, while various species of waterfowl cruise the lake waters. Large birds including herons, grebes, cormorants, storks and pelicans frequent the waters.  Wild donkeys, horses and bighorn sheep wander hills, while cardinals and roadrunners navigate the shorelines. Javelina, a pig-like peccary, is occasionally seen along the lake edges during night and twilight hours. Wildlife is abundant in the desert near water sources, enjoy a day out on the water and become an instant fan of Arizona’s wildlife and gorgeous scenery.  This is the perfect trip for photographers and nature enthusiasts!!

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