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People are often caught by surprise when they learn of the once-in-a-lifetime fishing and photography opportunities in Arizona. There are a number of beautiful desert lakes just miles from the Phoenix metropolitan area. Arizona's lakes boast productive fisheries and some of the most picturesque landscapes you will see. The BigFishBullies team of guides are lifelong fishermen, who have spent years exploring Arizona's waters. Confident in a wide variety of techniques with diverse skillsets, they have spent countless hours on the water working and experimenting to perfect their craft. Over the years they have found their niches while developing an enjoyment for catching a variety of different fish species. The BigFishBullies are excited to share these experiences with you. We are confident you will find an experience to suit your interests.

The BigFishBullies outdoor guides spend a great deal of time outside in the Arizona sunshine. Without proper protection, this desert climate can quickly burn skin. Finding ways to protect our guides became our highest priority. In our experiences, traditional topical and expensive sunscreen products must be applied multiple times daily, are messy in nature, and there are issues with getting complete coverage. These products also contain chemicals, which raised some concerns for our fisheries and health. It became clear that sun clothing was the ideal starting point for protection. Complete coverage had to be achieved without trapping in body heat while maintaining comfort and the ability to move freely. We have built our clothing line around providing you and your loved ones with the same level of quality and protection we needed for our guides. We also wanted to provide style and represent what BigFishBullies is passionate about: Catching Big Fish and having fun while doing it. We offer a great selection of apparel for the outdoor community. We are confident you will find something that you love, and the perfect gift ideas for your favorite fishermen and women!


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Represent your passion to the fullest and look nice while doing it. Much more than just sun-shirts and t-shirts, our apparel shop has plenty to offer. We are always working to expand our lineup and will not stop dropping new gear to keep you looking your best!

We Carry the Best Sun-shirts

In our search to find sun protection for our fishing guides we tried nearly every brand of sunshirt on the market. After extensive use, our guides unanimously chose Coolibar as their favorite brand. Coolibar is the first clothing company to be endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Their unique fabrics are treated with a proprietary blend of metals and minerals, they are then woven in a unique pattern to help reflect the maximum amount of UV radiation. The sleeves loop onto the middle finger and cover the back of the hands completely. The built in hoodie and face gaiter give superb coverage leaving only the perfect opening to fit on and off your sunglasses while comfortably wearing a hat. The material is buttery soft and has unparalleled cooling properties. We chose this company for a number of reasons, including style and comfort. To ensure you and your loved ones safely enjoy your time in the sun, check out our offerings in our shop!


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